Carolina State Department of Transportation History


The CSDOT started off as a small department with dedicated leaders willing to put the time and effort needed to ensure the continuation of the Department of Transportation. Over the many years, we would continue to build more and more of a foundation that would support us as we rise even higher. Through the combined efforts of a multitude of people we finally succeeded in implanting ourselves into history within the CSRP Community. With support and opposition from every which way the CSDOT powered through all obstacles, and with an even larger team and plenty more committed members, our department continues to grow and expand our capabilities into the unknown.

Where we are today

Our Leadership and Command team strive to maintain a professional and effective workspace centered around innovation. Over the past year we've grown our employment base and broadened our certifications to offer new and exciting opportunities to the CSRP Community. Recently in the first quarter of 2021, we plan to open up another two certifications, rail line transportation and Hazardous Crisis Control Unit. We, the founding directors of the CSDOT, couldn't be prouder of the individuals who we've met along our journey who have helped immensely with our goal. For more information on our on going and planned projects please stop by one of our many recruitment and community outreach events, additionally feel free to submit and application to join us on our journey.

Logos Through The Years

NCDOT Original

Made By S. King

CSDOT 2021 Update

Made By L. Thunder

CSDOT 2021 Remake

Made By L. Thunder

CSDOT Event Badges

Breast Cancer 2019

Made By G. Lewis

Breast Cancer 2020

Made By L. Thunder

Christmas 2020

Made By L. Thunder

Breast Cancer 2021

Made By L. Thunder

4th of July 2022

Made By L. Thunder

Breast Cancer 2022

Made By S. Blakes

Christmas 2022

Made By L. Thunder

CSDOT History

Members taking a group picture after a heavy haul of windmill equipment.

CSDOT members having a lunch break during a long construction job.

DOT's preparations for a winter storm front with newly fitted plows

Old CSDOT Gruppe 6 subdivision.

Old CSDOT Water Power and Sewer Division Vehicles.

Old CSDOT Crash-Truck and Silverado doing roadwork.

CSDOT Heads L. Thunder and F. Fawn patrolling together back in 2020 before they were heads.

CSDOT 01 F. Fawn and Retired Heads S. Blakes and L. Thunder Patrolling together back in 2020.

Retired CSDOT head L. Thunder getting interviewed during a transport job in our old fleet.

Old CSDOT tow truck from early 2020.

Old CSDOT construction fleet from early 2020.

CSDOT construction job with our 2021 fleet.

Prototype CSDOT HQ by retired heads S. King.

Prototype CSDOT recruitment station.

Prototype vehicles for our current fleet.

CSDOT Commercial Delivery Division uniform.

CSDOT 2021 uniforms made by retired head L. Thunder.

DOT's Personal Protective Equipment and clothing budget from 2021.

CSDOT Recruitment Video